Monday, March 3, 2014

Gluten-Free and Grateful

Some days I hate Celiac Disease. I hate everything about it. I never want my child to feel isolated in social situations. I don't like worrying about her eating gluten and getting really, really sick. Holidays and vacations can be especially stressful. I don't like when she gets sick and throws up for hours. I don't like when she wakes up screaming that her legs hurt every couple of months. 

It's been two years since she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. For the most part it is normal now. We mainly eat gluten free meals in our home. We know what restaurants we can eat at. We have learned a lot. I am so grateful that she can be completely healthy by following her diet.

This past weekend was wonderful. On Friday Emma went to one of her best friends birthday parties. Her mom offered to purchase a gluten free cupcake for Emma, and made cupcakes for the rest of the kids. She also had gluten free snacks. I was so grateful.

That same night Emma went to a Daddy/Daughter dance at her school. I sent her prepared with snacks, but was thrilled to see a text from Chris that someone had provided a table of gluten free snacks for the dance.

On Saturday Emma went to another friends house. My friend got pizza for the kids, and purchased a gluten free pizza for Emma.

I know it sounds crazy, but these acts of kindness mean the world to me! I cannot express how happy it makes me to have days where Emma has the same treats as her friends, and not because I pack them. I am so grateful for kind friends. 

I took this picture a few months ago when Emma forgot her lunch box at home. She sat at the end of the lunch table and watched her friends eat their lunches until I got there because she can't buy a school lunch. I have to say, she handles it like a champ!

Dreams Come True

Our family went to Disney World last month, and it was so much fun! The kids were at the perfect ages. They were easy to travel with, and the experience was magical for them.

 Emma was watching Chase on the carousel, and one of the evil step sisters had just yelled to her from the ride that she loved Emma's pig tails.

 Small World Ride
 I love this picture! 

 Dance Party!

 Emma was turned into a Mermaid. She loved it!

 Watching the fireworks was magical!

 All the grandkids!

 Cape May Cafe. So yummy!

 Chase could not have been happier!

As you can see, we loved out trip to Disney World. We stayed at a fun resort that had an awesome sports court for the boys. Jackson spent hours playing basketball, and one night the adult men engaged in several contests on the court. 

Emma and Chase thought the entire trip was magical. 

We were able to stay at the park until almost midnight two nights, and the kids handled it great. Our last day Emma spent almost 14 hours at the Magic Kingdom. It was a wonderful trip. 

Christmas 2013

We enjoyed a nice, quiet Christmas at home this year. 

Christmas Dance Recital

I started teaching dance classes in the fall, and we had our first performance the week before Christmas. It was a lot of work, but so much fun!

 I even performed to "I Can Only Imagine" with one of my best friends, Lana.
 The Baby Ballerinas danced to "Baby, Please Come Home"
 Emma's class danced to "Christmas Canon".

 My oldest class danced to "All I Want for Christmas Is You".

 The Finale

 Jackson was feeling the freeze dance!
I really enjoy my dance classes. The girls are always excited to dance, and it is really fun to teach again. 

I'm already looking forward to our next performance!